Holly MOrgan - the diva

Holly Morgan is a devil, sent from Hell, to torment me. She mugged about in the background as an actress for a bit and then decided to take things into her own hands. Prior to that she went to Mountview and, prior to that, to Cambridge - yes, the actual university, look, it's no big deal, stop going on about it ok? 


Tom moores - the boyfriend

Tom Moores is, in the vaguest sense of the word, an acorn. Not an acorn, damn autocorrect, actor. He's an "actor". He's worked for people like Les Enfants Terrible and Birmingham Stage, but you probably best know him from a dodgy McDonald's ad. Or the Heineken one where he was really excited about beer. He's 5'11", has a masters degree and a borderline medical condition about Bruce Springsteen. Holly's roped him into dressing like Shakespeare and being disparaging; like he wouldn't have been doing it anyway. 


Lisa Millar - the Director

Lisa Millar is a woman. She hails from South-East London (she means she's from there, not that she hails cabs. She uses Uber) and is a director at The Urdang Academy. Productions include, 'Footloose', 'Made in Dagenham' and 'Our House'. She is currently working on a workshop of 'WAGs: The Musical'. She directed the first junior production of 'Hairspray' in the UK - yes, she is that gay. The experience of working with Holly and working with children are broadly comparative.